I have just started a new bass project, a fretless sixstring. The first step is thinking about the design and the woods. You can see the design on the picture left of this text and I am pretty sure what sorts of wood I will use.

1. Planing the construction, wood combination and electronics:

The bass will have a neck through body design, but the neck won't be visible from the frontview. I have already bought a premium bookmached spalted maple top.

The top wood


The neck will be made of wenge maybe with some laminates. I will use a ebony fingerboard, a matching spalted maple headstock. The body has three piece sandwich contruction made of spalted maple top, a wenge core and a purpleheart back. In the center of the back, there will be a laminate of flamed maple, as known by Ken Smith BSR neckthrough basses for example.

The purple heart back wood

Flamed Maple body back center


The pickups will be Häussel, Rough Crystal or Basslines.

to be continued...